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From its earliest days, the symbolism of the animal called tiger has taken on positive connotations. In its appearance represents savage strength, enhancing the power of its companion. Mighty, courageous and indomitable, the tiger, in the Chinese horoscope stands for rebirth and greatness, but also for destructive and creative energy.
The ancient Romans also worshipped animal. The very close relationship between man and animal, is very clear when it is related to common objects like the “tiger eyes,” small white stones placed between road stones to symbolize the right path, or even worn to instill courage, tenacity and stability. According to an ancient tradition, the tiger is associated with Dionysus, which is the Greek god of life, as an allegory of energy, anger and cruelty, finding deeper meaning in the concept of justice



In Thai culture, fighters wear tattoos showing tigers, a sign not only decorative but propitiatory and protective for battles. Again, in Asia, the feline is associated with the power of the king. It must be said that this animal also exerts considerable fascination in the West, a figure that for centuries has been engraved on heraldic coats of arms, family mottos and blazons, and in more recent times in commercials, fairy tales and animated films.
Because of its feline and wild nature, it holds a special inherent power of spiritual faith, bringing good luck to anyone who wears it. According to the Chinese calendar, each year corresponds to an animal of the zodiac.
The year 2022 is the year of the tiger, and people born in the year of the tiger are believed to have the characteristics of this feline: brave, competitive and confident.

As the ancient peoples who ruled the earth did, we too want our Tiger to carry us proud into the future.
One of the “Legions of Warrior Tigers” wait for you to guide your life towards luck, happiness and to make you win all your battles.
join the most powerful LEGION.

conceived by the crazy mind of one of the “Magic Hands” @TommasoBennato