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  • Creation Chanel on Telegram; DONE
  • Creation  Instagram Page; DONE
  • Creation Discord Group; DONE
  • Creation Twitter Page; DONE
  • Launch Official Website; DONE
  • Launch First Legions of Warrior ;DONE
  • 1000 users on twitter lottery among holders for a free NFT
  • 1000 users on Discord lottery among holders for a Free NFT
  • 1000 users on instagram lottery among holders for a free NFT
  • Launch a Second Legions of Warriors Tigers 1111 NFT collection FOR 0.25 ETH

  • Launch a LAST Legions of Warriors Tigers 9889 NFT collection for 0.35 ETH
  • $LWTS  Token Presentation 
  • Whitepaper LWTR
  • Airdrop Token legions of warriors tigers among ONLY FOR NFT HOLDERS
  • Pre-sale  Token launch on a dedicated platform
  • Token launch on Uniswap / Saitamask / Swibaswap
  • NFT proprietary platform release